If you are in need of an auto insurance policy with roadside assistance, dental insurance, medical/health, or homeowner policies, AMAC insurance plans offer a variety of great savings to members. They even provide insurance policies for individuals who are below the age of 65 for a discounted price.  Unlike AARP, who recently cancelled their long term care insurance endorsement with Genworth, AMAC has discounts as well.

Save with Travelers - Through Travelers insurance, you will get discounted quotes on home and auto insurance policies. Simply stating you are an AMAC member will produce a number of great discounts for customers. 12 month policy options are available for less, and multiple money saving discounts are also available to customers.

Life insurance - As an AMAC member, you can also receive great discounts on life insurance. You can choose from whole, term, or umbrella coverage options. As a member you also receive guaranteed coverage, regardless of your health when you sign up for coverage. You can receive assistance with loss of income for your family after death, pay off debts, or can choose policies that provide final expenses discounts. Regardless of whether you want a whole, or supplemental policy, being an AMAC member results in great savings on your life insurance premium.

Long term care, medical, and dental insurance policies, are among the many types of AMAC insurance plans available to members. Not only do you have the option to choose your insurance provider, but by simply being a member of the AMAC family, you receive great bonuses and savings options, for the types of policy that you select. In addition to the lower priced policy options, for simply being a part of the AMAC family, individuals who purchase several types of insurance premiums, will also receive a bundled discount policy (as you would through most insurance providers).

If you are nearing the age of retirement, or have already retired, AMAC is a great retirement club to be a part of. In addition to the many different AMAC insurance plans available to you, there are a number of great discounts you can find elsewhere, by simply being a part of the family. You receive guaranteed coverage, regardless of your age or health levels. You also have a number of insurance companies that work with AMAC, for you to choose your policy through. Being a member presents various benefits, and with the many insurance premiums and policy options that you have available to you, you not only find excellent coverage, you pay far less than you otherwise would, by simply being an AMAC member.